$UNITE Token

$UNITE is the native token of the Unite L3 Blockchain and the core of the Unite Web3 mobile gaming ecosystem. It stores the value generated from the mobile games published by Unite and other game developers through in-game purchases and advertising revenues. Thus, the value growth of $UNITE reflects the economic growth of the ecosystem and facilitates building a sustainable growth model for Unite. $UNITE functions as the standard native token for Unite L3 Blockchain, serving purposes such as transaction fees, governance, and reward emissions. As with other Layer 3s built on Base, $UNITE is an ERC-20 token on Base L2 as well as the native token on the Unite L3 with native bridging.

For the sake of distribution and support, $UNITE may be bridged over to other chains via wormhole. The base token for wormholing will be $UNITE on Base. See the upcoming user guide for assistance and clarification regarding bridging tokens.

The contract info and block explorer will be released.


Unite is an ambitious and multifaceted project, so the token likewise serves many purposes, ranging from fueling project development, game acquisition, and player rewards.

$UNITE is a gaming rewards token, distributed to players based on their value generated. However, unlike the play-to-earn tokens of yesteryear, $UNITE is designed to be deflationary and revenue-backed, only emitted when real revenues are generated by players. For more information see “Deflationary Rewards Model

In line with the web3 vision of decentralization and community development, the largest tranche of tokens are allocated towards the community and DAO. Community Growth is specifically allocated towards our deflationary rewards program and other user growth initiatives as the web3 landscape evolves. Ecosystem is a fund to promote the proliferation and support of UNITE, providing liquidity across exchanges both centralized and decentralized, as well as to onramp games into the Unite network. The treasury is a reserve fund under DAO stewardship to be deployed as the DAO sees fit. More information about the DAO Governance is coming soon.

As a large-scale infrastructure project, a lot of development and growth is required for Unite. To compensate team members for building, to raise financial capital, and to offer grants to acquire games and partners, a significant portion of $UNITE is allocated to team and investors. To ensure incentive alignment and long-term commitment, these insider allocations have the longest lockups and slowest vesting schedules.

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