Distribution and Release Schedule

Token Distribution

$UNITE has a total supply of 30 billion. The $UNITE token is allocated as follows:

Community Growth (30%): A significant portion of the $UNITE tokens is allocated to community growth initiatives, ensuring that the Unite ecosystem remains vibrant, engaging, and inclusive. This allocation supports various programs, such as community events and token airdrops, and marketing campaigns, which are crucial for attracting new users and fostering a strong sense of community among existing members.

Ecosystem (25%): The ecosystem allocation is dedicated to supporting the development and expansion of the Unite platform, including partnerships, integrations, and collaborations with other projects in the web3 space. This allocation ensures that Unite remains at the forefront of innovation and continues to provide value to its users by leveraging the strengths of the broader decentralized ecosystem.

Investors (20%): A portion of the $UNITE tokens is allocated to investors who have supported Unite's vision and growth. This allocation helps to ensure the long-term sustainability of the project by providing the necessary resources for continued development and expansion.

Team (19.9%): The team allocation recognizes the hard work and dedication of the Unite team in bringing the project to life. This allocation incentivizes the team to continue driving innovation and growth within the Unite ecosystem, ensuring that the platform remains competitive and user-focused in the rapidly evolving world of web3 gaming.

Treasury (5.1%): The treasury allocation serves as a reserve fund for Unite, providing flexibility and stability in the face of market fluctuations or unexpected challenges. This allocation can be used to support the project's long-term goals, such as research and development, infrastructure improvements, and strategic investments.

Release Schedule

The slower unlock schedules for the Team and Investors allocations are designed to ensure long-term commitment and alignment with the success of the Unite ecosystem. By having the Team tokens unlock over a 24-month period and the Investors tokens over an 18-month period, these key stakeholders are incentivized to make decisions and contribute efforts that prioritize the project's long-term growth and sustainability. This gradual unlock approach also helps to mitigate potential selling pressure on the $UNITE token, promoting a more stable and organic growth of the token's value as the ecosystem matures and adoption increases. Ultimately, the unlock schedules demonstrate the Team and Investors' dedication to the long-term vision of Unite and their confidence in the project's ability to deliver lasting value to the community.

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